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Everyone from 10 years old

Photo Contest: Making a great photo is extremely satisfying, but nature is inherently unpredictable, so let us know that you’ve managed to seize the right opportunity by sharing your best shots in our annual annual photo contest.

Important : To prevent the transmission of contagious diseases to wildlife (brucellosis, aujeszky, echinococcosis …), picnics and pets are not allowed on the site.

For wildlife enthusiasts, naturalists or photo safari photographers in France, our Animal Reservation offers a specific formula allowing you to see the wild animals as close as possible and to capture these magical moments where they agree to show their way of life in the wild.


Be at the forefront of wildlife, let yourself be surprised by the curious snigger of the green woodpecker and keep your eyes wide open because it may be a jay of oaks that firmly defends its territory, a little further in the shade of trees. Enjoy this unprecedented photo safari in complete immersion and in all discretion to make your most beautiful shots and keep a unique memory.


The last born. Designed and installed by our naturalist friends of the association “The green woodpecker”, this hut is rather dedicated to the observation of the small fauna (forest birds, small rodents …) except when the impressive vultures come to clean a carcass.