A UNIQUE RESERVE A MODEL FOR rehabilitating natural wild spaces

The Monts d’Azur Biological Reserve is an animal reserve near Nice, Cannes (50 km) and Grasse (30 km). There you can find ancestral and amazing species of European fauna living side by side: European Bison, deer, wild boar, Przewalski’s horse, roe deer, chamois, golden eagle, griffon vulture and Cinereous … and many more.


In total, there are several hundred species wandering the 700 hectares of the Reserve offering many habitats, where they hide from the gaze of visitors!

In the middle of this animal reserve, human beings are only guests who attends, in all seasons, the daily life of some of the European fauna and the role it plays in the dynamics of the ecosystems. It is a testimony of complex natural phenomena to awaken the visitors’ curiosity and encourage respect for nature.


The Biological Reserve of the Monts d’Azur is also a veritable mosaic of surprising and fascinating environments: rocky cliffs (Summit of the Aiglo at an altitude of 1700 m), natural meadows, remarkable woods…).

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A simple observation rules over the project of the Animal Reserve of the Monts d’Azur: ecotourism and holidays are not incompatible as long as a new form of responsible and sustainable tourism is developed.

The goal is therefore not to create a high place of mass tourism where the animal would become a commodity. Here there is an unwavering desire to combine responsible tourism and ecology, in a place where humans are not the masters but humble guests of the wild.


Developing responsible tourism in France is a necessity. Our Reserve aims to serve as a pilot project to demonstrate the importance of ethical and responsible tourism.

Here, we do everything so that the visitor’s footprint is limited and that their place in the environment is reconsidered before it’s too late.


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Besides visiting the Animal Reserve there are many activities for the whole family: safaris on foot or by horse-drawn carriage in the summer, on snowshoes or by sled in the winter, observation huts and photo lookouts, a natural swimming pool, climbing wall and a playground for children…


The Reserve is an opportunity for academics and scientists specializing in biodiversity.

Your Nature holidays begin with wild and surprising safaris, led by specialists and adapted to the seasons. What better way to observe wildlife than in its natural environment ?

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The Monts d’Azur Biological Reserve also has original and comfortable accommodations.


In summer and fall, you can spend the night surrounded by nature in the Ecolodges, and enjoy moments of conviviality and sharing around a barbecue with the other guests.

And all year, enjoy the comfort of the Petit Manor’s rooms, or the wellbeing of the bioclimatic villa and make wild animals your new neighbours !

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