An incredible area !Gorge du Verdon, Castellane, Grasse and its perfumes

In summer, the Haut-Pays around the Wildlife Reserve of the Monts d’Azur redoubles tourist attractions: unspoilt nature conducive to hiking, outdoor sports activities (canyoning, rafting, climbing, paragliding …) but also many villages perched typical of the Prealps d’Azur.

Evidence will bring you to the Gorges du Verdon located less than an hour from the Reserve. This canyon is undoubtedly the most beautiful in Europe, with its immense red cliffs that plunge into the emerald green waters of the river.. The Verdon gorges offer opportunities for walkers but also for lovers of water activities and water sports. thrills.

But the Haut-Pays also has the vestiges of an old human occupation as attested by the perched villages of the Provençal Prealps: Fayence, Callian, Montauroux, Mons, Vence, or Gourdon known to be one of the most beautiful villages in France .

If you feel like it, discover Grasse, an old town with a marked Provençal character. World capital of perfume, Grasse still counts large traditional perfumeries such as Fragonard, Galimard or Molinard and opened more recently the International Museum of Perfumery.

The most famous perfumes of Grasse, Fragonard perfumes are designed here and it is possible to visit the places where Fragonard perfumes are made, an unforgettable visit for all your senses.

Water activities

Is it not nice to cool off in a river or lake in the summer heat? Close to La Réserve are the Gorges du Verdon, Lake St. Croix, Lake St. Cassien, beautiful natural sites with beautiful scenery and varied activities: swimming, hiking, rafting, canyoning, boat, etc.

Accès : suivre la direction de Comps sur Artuby.

Take the left bank of the Gorges du Verdon and continue to Aiguines. You will pass by the majestic views of the Balconies de la Mescla and Pont de l’Artuby where the Gorges reach 250 meters deep (820 feet). From Aiguines, take the right bank (D19) to the village of Moustiers-Sainte-Marie.

Tourist Office of Aiguines: Allée des Tilleuls – 83 630 Aiguines – Tel: 33 – (0) 4 94 70 21 64 – –

Tourist Office of Moustiers-Sainte-Marie: Place de l’Eglise – 04360 Moustiers-Sainte-Marie – Tel: 33 – (0) 4 92 74 67 84 – –

Tourist Office of the Dracénie – (Comps-sur-Artuby): 2, Lazare Carnot Avenue – 83300 DRAGUIGNAN – Tel: 33 – (0) 4 98 10 51 05 –

Gorges du Verdon :

« Here, it is more than far, it is elsewhere », said Jean Giono about the Gorges du Verdon.

The Verdon rises near the Col d’Allos. In the limestone plateaus of Haute-Provence, between Castellane and Moustiers-Sainte-Marie, the river dug a canyon of 50 kms (31 miles)reaching, in places, a depth of 700 meters (2296 feet) to finish in the beautiful lake of Sainte-Croix.

The Gorges du Verdon are thus the deepest in Europe. You will be delighted by the warm emerald waters of the Verdon and you can practice hiking, rafting and canyoning.

Lake Sainte-Croix

Lake St. Croix is an artificial lake resulting from the construction of the dam of St. Croix on the Verdon river in 1975.Tourist facilities, parking and picnic areas are available to visitors. You will always find a quiet place to enjoy the peace and quiet of the lake.

Lake St Cassien

Lake Saint-Cassien is a dam lake located in the Var department: swimming, relaxing in its wild creeks and carp fishing.

You will also be able to observe the protected wildlife of the Fondurane Bird Sanctuary, located to the west of the lake. Easy access, Lake Saint-Cassien will seduce you with its rough landscapes and soothing calm.

Access: About 40 minutes from La Réserve. Scenic  route through hilltop villages.
Take the direction of Saint-Vallier. At the exit of Saint-Vallier, turn right towards Cabris. Then follow direction Montauroux .

outdoor activities

Via sou terrarata

Just 15 minutes from La Réserve. Follow direction Andon-La Moulière.
This unique activity allows you to practice via ferrata and caving at the same time, 40 meters underground. A world first! Guaranteed sensations!

Home / Reservations:

Open every day from 10 am  to 5pm (July and August)
Open weekends from 10am to 5pm (June and September)

Lou Pais de Caille
2509 road to the Plain
06 750 Caille
Tel: 33 – (0) 4 93 60 34 51


A quarter of an hour from the Domaine du Haut-Thorenc, the ski resort of Gréolières offers tree climbing activity all summer long. Zip lines, monkey bridges, walkways, tree trunks …

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Tel: 33 – (0) / 33 – (0)

cave of la Baume Obscure and sou terroscope

The cave of the Baume Obscure and its surroundings, in particular the wild canyons of the high Siagne, are an enchantment for the nature lovers and for the visitors in search of authenticity and picturesque views.

Home / Reservations:

Cave of the Obscure Balsam
2600 Ste Anne Road – 06460 St-Vallier
Tel : 33 – (0)4 93 42 61 63

The plateau and the observatory of Caussols

Dotted with multiple cavities, it is an almost lunar landscape where brooms, thistles and wild lavender grow. The plateau of Caussols is an ideal place to walk around or find some fossils. You will also see the Observatory and various weather facilities.

Home / Reservations:

Follow direction Saint-Vallier then Caussols.
The observatory is then indicated.
Tourist Office of CAUSSOLS
10, Place de la Tour
Tel : 33 – (0)


The circuit of the perched villages of the area of Grasse
We invite you to discover some of the most beautiful perched villages of the department, but also Grasse, world capital of perfumes. The distance between each of the 4 sites is approximately 20 minutes.


Seillans is labeled « one of the most beautiful villages in France », with its cobbled streets that will lead you to the beautiful shaded square of Thouron and its fountain beautifully blooming during the Flower Festival which takes place in June every two years.

Tourist Office of Seillans
Thouron Square Waldberg House
83440 Seillans
Tel : 33 – (0)4 94 76 85 91


Fayence is a village perched at 350 m above sea level, dominated by the Clock Tower which is located next to the site of the former castle of the Bishops of Frejus. Through winding alleys, discover Fayence, with the Sarrazine Gate, the ramparts of the Xiii th, the Four of Mitan (Xvi th  century), the Watchtower, the Church of St. John the Baptist ….
From the orientation table, an amazing point of view on the high Var country, from Mont Lachens to the Massif de l’Estérel. Fayence is also a renowned International Gliding Center. For amateurs, opportunities for aerial gliding through which you will discover our villages from another angle.

Tourist Office of Fayence

Léon red square
Tel : 33 – (0)4 94 76 20 08


Tourrettes and its Château du Puy built in 1830 on the model of the St Petersburg Cadet School. To see also, in the old village, the church St Andrew (Xi th century) and lower near the Parking du Boudoura, the Chapel of Penitents (XVth century).
At the foot of the village flows the Chautard stream  and further south is the Golf course Terre Blanche.
Possibilities from Tourrettes of aerial walks.

Tourist Office of Tourrettes

Town Hall Square
83440 Tourrettes
Tel : 33 – (0)4 94 39 98 14


Callian, built in a spiral around its feudal castle, is surrounded by wooded hills of oaks and conifers.
At the heart of the village, a pretty little square with its green fountain and its gentle waterfall, the parish church of the 17th century with its surprising bell tower with glazed tiles, the Chapel of the Penitents of the 12th century.

Tourist Office of Callian

3, Place Bourguignon
83440 Callian
Tel : 33 – (0)4 94 47 75 77


A 13th century village with a Romanesque church, and a surprising chapel dedicated to Saint Bartholomew, whose religious and secular paintings completely cover the interior.
See also, the north east of the village, the Siagne River straddled by the Tuves Bridge, picturesque site inviting stroll and swimming .South, the Château de la Colle Noire, the last home of couturier Christian DIOR (his grave is in Callian).

Tourist Office of Montauroux

Place du Clos
Tel : 33 – (0)4 94 47 75 90

Gourdon and its castel

Gourdon also overlooks the Riviera offering a beautiful view of the coast of Nice. With its narrow streets, restaurants and shops, Gourdon will seduce you with its picturesque charm.
Visits proposed: historical museum, French gardens of Le Nôtre, Italian terrace, medieval garden and Provencal garden.
The construction of the impressive Gourdon Castle began in the 9th century and ended in 1653.
Guided tours only

Tourist Office of Gourdon
Place Victoria 06620 Gourdon
Tel : 33 – (0)

Castle Gourdon
04 93 09 68 02


Auribeau-sur-Siagne is a pretty little village in the Tanneron Massif, world famous for its blooming mimosas in February. Fortifications, small streets, churches, mills are so many attractions for this hilltop village of the XI century that will seduce you for sure!

Tourist Office of Auribeau-Sur-Siagne
Place en L’Aïre
06810 Auribeau-sur-Siagne
Tel : +33-4 93 40 79 56


Cabris is a charming little village in the hinterland of Grasse. You can walk in its narrow streets, have a coffee under the shady terraces or relax on the large meadow at the entrance of the village. From the Place du Château, built in 997 AD (of which only a few ruins remain), you will have a breathtaking view of the Côte d’Azur, from Esterel to Nice, passing by the Lérins Islands and Lake Saint -Cassien.

Tourist Office of Cabris
4 rue de la Porte Haute
06530 CABRIS
Tel : 33 – (0)

Grasse world capital of perfumes

From La Réserve, passing by the beautiful road of Saint-Vallier, you can go to Grasse, in around 40 minutes.
World capital of perfumes, Grasse is also the major city of the hinterland. City built on a slope, at a height of 400 meters (1312 feet), the old town is full of narrow streets and beautiful places for strolling. Many craft shops, restaurants and cafes.
Grasse, city of Art and History, is of great architectural and artistic richness with no less than five museums and its Cathedral Notre Dame du Puy (XII ° century).

The Tourist Office of Grasse
Congress Palace
22, Cours Honoré Cresp
06130 GRASSE
Tel : +33-4 93 36 66 66
Warm welcome, professionalism and friendliness of the hostesses guaranteed

Grasse perfumers

The perfumers of Grasse open their doors to the public for free guided tours. Renowned for their expertise, they offer an exciting experience in the mysterious alchemy of fragrances through raw materials and ancient or modern manufacturing processes: distillation, enfleurage, creations …


The Flower Factory
Les Quatre Chemins, Route de Cannes.
06130 Grasse
Tel : 33 – (0)4 93 77 94 30
Open every day from 9am to 6.30pm.

Visit the manufacturing laboratory and modern production processes (chromatography), the workshop and its packaging line, and the soap factory. The course introduces the visitor to different methods of extraction and processing of raw materials. From the spring, the visit ends in the flower garden where grow the main species used in Grasse perfume: May rose, lavender, broom, lilac, honeysuckle

Historic Factory and Perfume Museum

Historic Factory and Perfume Museum
20, bd Fragonard – 06130 Grasse
Tel: 33 – (0)4 93 36 44 65
Open all year from 9h to 18h30.

Visit of the perfumer’s laboratory and his organ, the distillery, the maceration and filtration workshop, the enfleurage rooms, the artisanal packaging workshop and the soap factory. In the museum, the collection presents flasks and perfumery objects, from Antiquity to the present day, from the most primitive to the most moving forms.
Terracotta perfume bottles, kohl vases, perfume burners, ointment jars, bergamot and travel kits retrace 3000 years of history.


Galimard Perfumery
73, route de Cannes – 06130 Grasse
Tel : 33 – (0)4 93 09 20 00
Open all year around


Molinard Perfumery
60, Bd. Victor Hugo – 06130 Grasse
Tel: 33 – (0)4 93 36 01 62

Open from 9.30 am to 6.30 pm (closed between 1 pm and 2 pm and Sundays from October to March inclusive, except school holidays).
Open from 9.30am to 7.00pm, 24 / 7 in July & August.

international perfume museum

International Perfume Museum

8, place du Cours – 06130 Grasse
Tel : 33 – (0)4 97 05 58 00
June 1st to September 30th: 10am-12.30pm & 1.30pm-6.30pm
October 1st to May 31st: 10am-12.30pm & 2pm-5.30pm

The International Perfume Museum traces the history of perfumes, as well as soaps and cosmetics, for 4000 years. It reveals all the stages of the creation of a perfume, the harvest and the treatment of the raw materials as well as the launching of the finished product


The Maison Florianconfectionery in Nice and Gorge du Loup

Since 1921, the FLORIAN Confectionery-Chocolaterie based on the Port of Nice and in the Gorges du Loup transforms the citrus fruits of the Riviera like the flowers of the Pays de Grasse (rose, jasmine, violet) into delicious original delicacies.

From Monday to Sunday, the free guided tour of the production workshops, followed by a tasting of the specialties, will allow you to discover the great manufacturing secrets & the taste of candied fruits, crystallized flower petals, citrus jams and flowers, sour candies or even chocolate-confectioners, etc …

Carnival, Easter and Christmas time, the visit also allows you to attend the creation of more than 600 hand-painted chocolate subjects (except weekends and holidays).

Finally, the site of the Gorges du Loup even offers the walker to extend the discovery floral and gastronomic, with a walk in the garden with citrus and flowers.

News: Opening of a Florian Boutique in Gourdon Village and in the heart of the Grasse Historical Center; As well as “La Boutique du Chocolat” at Pont-du-Loup, 100% chocolate shop with exclusive products.

Ecole des fillesrestaurant at Bar-sur-loup

This old school transformed into a restaurant has the pleasure of welcoming you in its bucolic setting.

You can enjoy a cuisine inspired by the seasons and only made with fresh products.

In the summer you can enjoy its terrace in the shade of linden. We are waiting for you.

Tel: 04 93 09 40 20

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