The European bison heavy weights on the Reservation

Less massive than its American cousin, the European bison is still the heaviest terrestrial mammal in Europe : 800kg ( 1764pounds) for an average adult male and 1.80m (5.90feet) height.

Despite  being a vegetarian heavyweight he is not pretentious  !

The fifty or so specimens present in the Animal Reservation of les Monts d’Azur  are actively involved in renewing the biodiversity of forests and plains.

Once threatened by extinction, the European bison is back, thanks in particular to the international program set up in partnership with Poland; the Animal Reservation of the Monts d’Azur has been actively involved with more than 60 births since 2008 and 22 young bison transferred to other reserves in France, Holland and Spain.

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The Przewalski horse the Reservation’s wild temper

Never come close to a Przewalski Horse, is temper his mood is execrable. He bites and kicks for no reason.

On the Reservation this bad character dares to confront the bison which is twice his weight.

That is why the legend says that this horse had never been domesticated by humans. Since it has never been subjected to artificial selection, it is the closest species to the prehistoric horse.

His small size (between 1.30m to 1.40m (4.26 to 4.59feet) height at the withers) do not stop him for having a large head held by a thick neckline. His ears are rather long and his eyes high on a flat forehead, which gives him a look more forward than the other horses

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the red deer the king of the forest

The red deer,an emblematic animal,symbol of power for some, symbol of doom for others has populated European forests for 250 000 years.

This population fluctuated with the glaciation and is estimated actually, in France, to be this 150 000 individuals. It remains difficult to observe.

The Red Deer  loses its antlers each year, at the end of winter or at the beginning of spring, and wears a new finery each summer.

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The small ungulate the other wonders
of the reserve

Discover the other wonders of the Reserve: ungulates are herbivorous mammals with fingers covered with a fingernail or hoof.

Some ungulates have horns, such as bison or chamois. Others are antlers such as deer or moose.

This family includes horses, ruminants and pigs but also elephants and aardvarks!

In the Animal Reservation of the Monts d’Azur, small ungulates are represented by deer, chamois and wild boar.

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Birds princes of sky

The Monts d’Azur Reserve is also home to a rich variety of birds, ranging from passerines and corvids to raptors such as the golden eagle and the vulture, not to mention the water birds, the white stilt, the Tringa ochropus or the  tachybaptus ruficollis.

In total, more than 70 listed species, ten of which have become extremely rare.

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Carnivores the spirits of the forest

La Réserve des Monts d’Azur est également le théâtre de la vie de quelques prédateurs carnivores, tels que le lynx boréal ou le loup, dont la population croît dans la région PACA depuis quelques années. Mais pas de panique ! Ces braves bêtes ne s’approchent pas de l’Homme, ce qui en fait d’ailleurs des animaux très difficiles à observer.

Par contre, il n’est pas rare d’apercevoir dans la Réserve des renards en chasse ou encore des jeunes blaireaux s’amuser à rouler et grogner.

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Spring the birth season
With a positive air temperature, snow melts and wild animals find more favorable living conditions. The warmth of March and the arrival of the first rains stimulate the awakening of the vegetation. Animals access new food resources. The females are then able to produce a quality milk, necessary for the growth of the young. Conditions have become conducive to births.
summer a calm and easy life
The spring rains and warm temperature favor the growth of the vegetation. The time of suffering seems far away! In a few weeks, the grass burned by the snow have been replaced by a vast and colorful plant diversity. Invading the green meadows, the flowers attract a multitude of insects, feast of insectivorous birds and mammals. Even the fox is watching for grasshoppers and crickets ...Hop! A leap, a bite and that is it !
Autumn deers are in love
Warriors are now ready for their love games. The pre-mating grunt starts in early September after the storms of the end of August. Meanwhile, the deer herds roam the reserve pretending to ignore the preparations of their future mate. With the autumn coming on, the hot weather fades. The first mating call sound, making nights noisy for their neighbors staying in the lodges! The beauties then begin their ballet going from place to place to choose their gallants.
Wintertime of surviving
From mid-November, the hungry wildlife reaches the undergrowth where it knows how to find the vegetation not consumed during the warm season. It manages to feed itself by scraping the last grasses even dry, by looking for the few islands of persistent greenery or by picking the fruits of the eglantiers and the hawthorns. Today, when the winters are harsh, and because it can no longer migrate, we must feed the wildlife if we do not want to see it permanently disappear.

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