Project objectives responsible tourism

In the middle of this animal sanctuary, the man is only a guest who attends, in any season, the daily life of a part of the European fauna and the role that it plays in the dynamics of the ecosystems. You will witness, the testimony of complex natural phenomena that arouse the curiosity of the visitor and encourage respect for nature.

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Meet Doctor Longour a doctor like no other

« After ten years of  struggle against bureaucracy, against skeptics, after the sale of his clientele and his beautiful villa, Patrice Longour, tireless veterinarian of 56 years, convinced his young wife, Alena, to follow him. He roused his friends, he enticed investors after weeks of talking, he galvanized the administration from its desperate inertia, he even got a minister of Ecology on board.

His idea of Reservation was to go fishing it in Africa, in Botswana exactly, where for many years he advocated the protection of the Okavango Delta in the association Preserve, created with his  faithful accomplice , veterinarian, Daniel Baubet.

Today, having seen   the more than convincing results of the integration of wildlife in this environment, Dr. Patrick Longour wants to extend his ecological project, wherever modern agriculture can no longer ensure the sustainability of traditional farms.»


The return of wildlife in France It was time for France to recover its lost species

The Reservation of the Monts d’Azur is the only place in Europe where european bison and Przewalski horses are living together again.

These two emblematic species that the man had almost exterminated are gathered again in a territory they share with red deer, deer, chamois, wild boars, foxes, wolves, lynx and many other species. Wild and free!

Nobody before us had dared to organize this type of reunion. We did it. This effort  is one of the most exciting ecological experiences of the moment in Europe.

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The big witnesses La réserve vue par…

Jean-François Noblet

« Very interested in the restoration of  French fauna, I came to visit the Reservation of the Monts d’Azur  and meet Patrice Longour, its founder. It is rare to find animal parks of this size, enhanced by an exceptional landscape and a wide variety of natural habitats. Seduced by the possibility of observing the reintroduced bison and horses from Przewalski, I have often stayed on site I was able to observe and photograph also a very diverse wild fauna (amphibious vole, golden eagle, snipe, hobby falcon etc.). I therefore wish a great success to this project of nature tourism, ambitious and exemplary. »

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