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The large fauna remains anecdotal in France: barely 1% of the biomass.
It remains considered by decision-makers as a marginal element (hunting, tourism, etc.).
while it is the main actor of the dynamics of Ecosystems!
It participates in complex processes that we largely ignore and plays, without a doubt,
a major role in the adaptability and evolution of natural environments,
in the conservation of the ecological services on which we depend entirely.
For its major role to finally be recognized, we need you.
Join our community!
And let’s move on to coexistence together… cohabitation.

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The Club Sauvages & Libres de La Réserve des Monts d’Azur is an opportunity to unite a community of friends and enthusiasts around values inspired by our environmental commitment that we cultivate on a daily basis.

Since its creation, La Réserve has been dedicated to experimenting with rewilding. Thanks to the reintroduction, in a natural environment, of ancestral species present in the Neolithic, La Réserve promotes an approach that it seeks today to share so that each of us can be inspired by it in our daily lives, whether personal or professional.

Be inspired by the functioning of ecosystems and traditional know-how to find common sense!

In a friendly atmosphere, workshops, exchanges and other conversations will be held in the heart of La Réserve and bring together some aficionados alongside Patrice and Alena Longour.

How it works ?

Once your subscription to the Club Wild
& Free has been validated, you will receive an invitation to participate in our private events which take place twice a year at the Réserve.
Throughout the year, Club members will receive information on the life of the Réserve, but also about the onsite scientific work and invitations to participate in the various workshops organized in the spring or autumn : such as carbon plantations, animal captures, photos…
The Club Wild & Free also makes it possible to federate the members around an associative project like that of the introduction of one or more new species.
Finally, once a year, you can attend the Souper des Créateurs, an exclusive event reuniting renowned biologists; featuring friendly exchanges around wonderful bottles.

Participate in our "1,000 trees per year" operation.

Because trees can slow down climate change, we have launched an extensive planting program on the Réserve
The forests of the Réserve are extensive like those of the Haut-pays grassois, but poor in diversity. How will they resist climate change without our help ?
Near urban centers, If we wish to preserve the trees that act as green lungs to city dwellers, we have no other choice but to plant a wide variety of tree species.
In order to increase their potential to adapt to climate change and reduce their water consumption, we created dense beds of local species (3 to 4 plants per sqm2 !!!).
There is no need to seek exotic species (see on this subject : the catastrophic experiences of eucalyptus plantations in the Var). We prefer to give indigenous species a chance and through this method of planting, give them time to adapt to the increases in temperatures.
Since 2019, we have planted more than 1,000 trees per year in partnership with CAP 3000 (lien cap 3000 ici). This is an ambitious program to reduce greenhouse gas emissions but also to preserve the biodiversity of our territories. Objective of this partnership: planting 10,000 hardwoods tree.

Each person in France produces an average of 12 tons of CO2 per year. Rather than giving in to guilt, we can mobilize and plant together!
Trees promote the return of many wild species: insects, birds, terrestrial microfauna, but also the installation of new vegetation on the ground, maintaining humidity and promoting the creation of humus.
Because trees are the symbol of life, we invite you to participate in the creation of micro-mountain forests.


How does it work ?
In order to encourage the appearance of forests better adapted to climate change, we are testing all local species, in particular hardwoods. Twice a year, the Réserve’s technical teams invite you to participate in the planting of suitable tree species. If you can’t attend, we will send you a photo of your tree(s) and a certificate.

For companies:
• Offer a tree to each of your employees!
• Offset your greenhouse gas emissions,
• With each new contract, plant a tree.
For families:
• Offer a tree to your loved ones,
• Offset your greenhouse gas emissions,
• let your loved ones know of your ecological commitment

Join the movement !


The Monts d’Azur Reserve needs you to grow and become the benchmark for the reintroduction of wild animals in our territories.
It is already home to European bison, Przewalski horses, elk, deer, roe deer, wild boar, small carnivores such as foxes, martens or weasels, badgers and thousands of birds. All these beautiful beings live together in protected environments.
Our plan, which began 20 years ago, aims to prove that the return of large herbivores and predators is essential for nature to regain its brilliance and flow.
Now is time to move on to the second phase of our project, that is to add to the Réserve des Monts d’Azur, the entire mountain section that overlooks it. It is a formidable mountainous environment, complementary to the wetlands, forests and meadows located downstream. These mountainous reliefs need to be enhanced and protected by the construction of 7 kilometers fences. The Reserve will then be able to safely accommodate chamois, ibexes and mouflons.

How does it work ?

Be the first to participate in this adventure absolutely unique in Europe! Help us, however you can.
We need 250,000 euros. A significant sum, yes but it’s essential to prove that the return of a rich and diversified fauna is the only thing capable of ensuring the future of large wild territories, which we now know are the life insurance of human societies !

Patrice and Alena Longour